Welcome to the Room Critic blog

Your home away from home

The Room Critic blog is our new home to all the things hotel related we find interesting. We’ll let you know about new services and developments at Room Critic as well as links to articles we’ve found as well as our own. We’ll try not to get too wordy, were visual people and that’s how we want to keep it.

Our Room Critic Facebook and @roomcritic Twitter streams are currently our social hubs where you can interact with us. Send us links and photos your favourite resorts, hotels and especially hotel rooms, let us know your experiences good and bad. We’ll re-post everything we can to all our followers.

RoomCritic.com is currently under construction and will eventually become our main site, we’ll be staggering the launch of various services, so the site will change over time. Eventually it will become the hub for all our activity.

If you use Instagram you can find us @roomcritic. A few weeks ago we started the #roomcritic tag Gallery on Instagram. At last count there was close to 500 images in the gallery, all uploaded and tagged by our instabuddies.

If you like us, ‘Like’ or follow us. If you know of anyone who loves to travel let them know about our sites. We’re all about social and sharing so your recommendation is important.

Room Critic is completely impartial and independent. The views expressed are our own and we’re not (yet) paid by anyone to speak on their behalf.


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