The stunning igloo village at Hotel Kakslauttanen.

Sleep under the Northern Lights and millions of stars

Sure Hotel Kakslauttanen offers guests many amenities you find at thousands of hotels around the world. Queen suites, cabins with hot tubs and a few restaurant options. But we’re positive that’s not why people travel 1085 Km from Helsinki, 250 km above the Arctic Circle in the Finnish part of Lapland for a holiday. Especially in the cold of winter.

We’d guess, people travel to this part of the world to stay in one of these.

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In Igloo Village there are 20 glass igloos, 60 beds in snow igloos and an one of a kind glass kota. The snow restaurant provides seating for 50-150 people. Igloo Village is open each year between December and January depending on the weather conditions and stays open until the end of April.

Imagine yourself sleeping completely surrounded by snow

The silence is enchanting and lights inside the ice cast mysterious shadows on the snow walls of the Snow Igloos. Even though the temperature inside stays always between -3°C and -6°C, the breathtaking atmosphere lulls you into a deep, comfortable sleep in your warm down sleeping bag.

The Glass igloos are built from a special thermal glass the temperature inside the igloo always stays at a normal level. It also prevents the glass from not getting white frosted, hence keeping the view clear even when the temperature outside drops to under -30°C. Every igloo is equipped with a toilet and luxury beds. On every evening a hot sauna and a refreshing ice hole are waiting for you.

Hotel Kakslauttanen – Saariselkä Finland



  1. Igloo Hotel · October 27, 2011

    It is a wonderful experience to spend your holidays in an Igloo hotel. These hotels have their walls, floors, fixtures, in short, everything made of ice held together with snice, a material used instead of mortar. Thak you very much for sharing the post.

    • roomcritic · October 30, 2011

      It’s an experience we would love have… Thank you

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