Take a peek into hundreds of hotels and resorts around the world with #roomcritic

Thanks for helping us show the world what to expect when the unlock their hotel room door.

We have just reached our 3000th #roomcritic tagged photo on Instagram. We’re super excited about the popularity of hotel and resort photo sharing. To coincide with this milestone we pleased to announce the launch the #roomcritic Instagram Photo Gallery App for Facebook. This App brings all the beautiful photography found on the Instagram App out to our Facebook page.

RoomCritic Instagram Photo Gallery

Each tagged photograph represents a unique guest experience, making the #roomcritic Photo Gallery a unique library of images from hundreds of hotels all over the globe. All thanks to the individual photographers. Take a vicarious vacay and lose yourself in some of the most beautiful hotels the world has to offer all taken by people who have been there.

With around 600+ photos tagged to the gallery each month, there is always a beautiful new hotel or resort picture. We also have a growing number of hotels and resorts uploading and tagging their photos to the #roomcritic gallery as well as their own tag. Check out the #conradkohsamui and #serenityphuket tags next time you are tag surfing on Instagram.

Conrad Koh Samui

Serenity Resort And Residences Phuket

The App has Grid and List views. The list view shows the images larger and displays name of the owner of the photo. Clicking on the > #tag menu you can choose which tag you want to view images from. Over the next few weeks we will be adding new functionality to the app. A photo share button, more information about each photo as well as the ability to add this app to your own Facebook Page and select which tags to display.

Tags in Instagram are clickable menu items. Adding tags to your photos in allows users who don’t know you, find your pictures as well as any others tagged with the same text. If you haven’t used tags yet, don’t worry, you can add tags to photos at any time. Just add a comment with the # tag in the text. This also works in the reverse. If you want to remove your image from a tag so people can’t see your images, just delete the comment that has the tag in it.

To share your hotel and resort photos with us and our Instabuddies, just add the #roomcritic tag to your photos.

For more information about the best places to stay around the world, follow our RoomCritic blog. To receive our travel stories and hotel links direct to your own Facebook wall, ‘Like’ our RoomCritic Facebook page or follow RoomCritic: @roomcritic on Twitter. If you have a hotel review you’d like to share with us, email pictures and information to: info@roomcritic.com. If we post it on our RoomCritic blog, we’ll make sure you get the glory.


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