A curated collection of the best of hotel architecture and design from around the world.

A curated collection of the best of hotel architecture and design from around the world.

Design Hotels  have been releasing hard cover books featuring their member hotels since 2009. Our RoomCritic collection of the Design Hotels books started as a Christmas gift last year.

Edition 2011

The Design Hotels 2011 book is a beautifully designed and presented as a 424 page hard cover. The book is visual portfolio the 200 member hotels and resorts in 119 destinations across the globe. Combining striking photography with brief reviews you are given a glimpse into the individual experience each of the member hotels offers.

Edition 2012

Launched just last week, this year’s annual edition is a massive 424 page hard cover, featuring 220 inspiring hotels worldwide with 21 new member hotels and including new destinations like Sydney, Bogotá, Portobello and Nairobi.

The new book is conceptually based around neighborhoods. They are the places of color, flavor and that much-needed personal connection. Readers can explore the gateways to some of the most creative neighborhoods around the world. Whether it’s the little street of old-time weavers or an area where a new generation of “urban artists” express themselves on walls, furniture and whatever else they can find, each locality is unique and each one tells a special story.

Again beautifully designed, with stunning photography, the 2012 edition features a cover and illustrations designed in collaboration with Chicago-based designer Jenny Beorkrem. Jenny’s unique graphic view of neighborhoods and communities distinctly brings the pages to life.

“A hotel should be much more than a beacon of creativity and hospitality. It should be a member of the community. At times it’s a valued partner standing alongside other businesses in a local scene. But it can also be a leading figure, helping a neighborhood transform itself as it takes on an exciting new shape and purpose,” says Design Hotels™ Founder and CEO Claus Sendlinger.

For me the books are all about the architecture, the stunning interior design and the relatively affordable experience you can have staying at one of these unique hotels or resorts.

We’ve stayed at a handful of the xxx design hotels. As their list of member hotels grows so does our list of places to stay.

Where to Buy

The books are available to buy at www.designhotels.com/shop, member hotels and selected book retailers worldwide.

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  1. Kary · February 21, 2012

    Beautiful pictures! I was wondering if this hotel in Rovinji (Croatia) is also in the book, it has such an amazing design

  2. Lichnos Beach Hotel Parga Greece · February 19, 2012


    • roomcritic · February 19, 2012

      Sure is… Thanks for reading the blog.

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