5 luxury hotels around the world you will never get to stay in.

1. Hollywood Sign Hotel – Los Angeles, California

Designed by Danish Architect Christian Bay – Jørgensen, of Bay Arch, The Hollywood Sign Hotel will stand 105 feet tall, 60 feet taller than the original Hollywood Sign. There will be 308 rooms across 10 floors, an observation deck, conference room, movie theatre, pool area, restaurants, and a Hollywood Sign museum. With construction due to finish never, you may be waiting some time before being able to make a reservation.

2. Helix Hotel – Zayed Bay, Abu Dhabi

Designed by American firm Lesser Architecture, The five-star luxury Helix Hotel partially floats in the water and adjacent to the Serpentine Sheik Zayed Bridge currently under construction by Zaha Hadid. The 208 guest rooms and suites are arranged around a helical floor which constantly shifts in width and pitch as it rises to the top floor, keeping public spaces always in flux. No two rooms positioned across from each
other have exact views to the other side. As mentioned the adjacent bridge is currently under construction, however there is no information about when the hotel will be completed, or even if it has begun. So it’s unlikely you’ll be staying here any time soon.

3. Pazhou Hotel – Guangzhou, China

Designed by architecture firm Aedas. This is a mixed use building, with a hotel and shopping arcade. The lower floors, which houses shops and the lobby of the hotel is in a translucent body 60 meters in height and consists of overlapping prisms, in no apparent order. To me it kind of looks like a Chinese freight ship with the cargo containers piled up on top of each other. The Pazhou Hotel is sure to be one of the not to distant future icons of downtown Guangzhou as it’s expected to be completed this year. So maybe you could get a room there, if you’d want to.

4. Henn Haikou Towers – Haikou, China

The mixed use building consisting of office, hotel, conference and commercial was designed by Henn StudioB from BerlinHaikou Towers are to become the heart of the new Central Business District of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan, a tropical island in the in the South China Sea. The Masterplan comprises an ensemble of 10 towers ranging from 150 to 450 meters height with an overall building area of 1.5 million square meters. But you can’t stay there because it won’t ever be built.

5. South West Hotel – Beijing, China

The site of the five-star South West Hotel is a multi-functional building complex, integrating the hotel, commercial and office spaces also designed by Henn StudioB. From the distance the ascending curves of the building exterior creates a clearly identifiable landmark. The internal courtyard shields from the noise and the hectic city life creating a retreat for guests and customers. The outer facade is a double layered multifunctional skin serving as a screen for media and light installations and displaying commercial content day and night. Based on the room picture below, we get the feeling this luxury hotel has been positioned squarely at the unhappy hipster market.

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  1. Luxury Property · March 15, 2012

    Absolutely wish that I could just spend a night at each. Rumours around the internet still persist about a number of these projects, but as with many of the prototype designs of architects, these are fantastical but face many hurdles to be overcome if they are ever viable to be built.

    A guy can dream though.

  2. sojournwithstacey · February 27, 2012

    Reblogged this on sojournwithstacey and commented:
    I saw this and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all! Oh I want to stay in the Hollywood one!

  3. mrbenblue · February 25, 2012

    Amazing properties 🙂

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