5 ways to get some colour these summer holidays, without spending hours in the sun.

5 ways to get some colour these summer holidays, without spending hours in the sun.

If your idea of getting some colour this summer doesn’t necessarily mean hours in the sun, you’ll like our pick of the 5 most colourful hotels and resorts to spend some time at these holidays. Of course with most of them featuring amazing pools, you can also get some colour for yourself to take home.

1. Hotel Daniel – Graz

Smart luxury at a fair price in Graz, Austria. The Hotel Daniel – Graz has 107 rooms and free wi-fi in the lobby. But that’s not all! You will also find a toothbrush vending machine, an espresso bar and five Vespas waiting for you to take them out for a spin.

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2. Hotel Adam & Eve – Turkey

431 rooms ranging from 64 m² Design Rooms to the 1,000 m² Adam & Eve Suite, the hotel offers a broad range of accommodation options. The best option we think is the remote control lights. Your very own in-room light show. Amazing.

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3. Saguaro – Palm Springs

The Saguaro in Palm Springs features 249 rooms, all as colourfully decorated as the exterior. The pool area is the centre of the hotel, literally and figuratively, so getting some colour at the Saguaro is easy as.

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4. Costa Careyes – Jalisco, Mexico

A quiet, boutique resort (if that’s what you’d call it) with 53 rooms located on the exclusive, relatively undeveloped, upscale yet unpretentious side of Mexico.

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4. Semiramis Hotel – Athens, Greece

The Semiramis Hotel is a small boutique hotel with 51 rooms and is located 5 minutes from Kifissia & 30 minutes to the centre of Athens. Light pinks and greens, oranges and subtle yellows are reproduced in walls, floors, furnishings and fittings for an energetic atmosphere.

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  1. teresakaragas · April 4, 2012

    So fun and happy!

    • roomcritic · April 4, 2012

      They sure are. Perfect places for the up-coming northern hem summer.

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