RoomCritic Tip | How Google Street View maps can help your search for the perfect hotel.

Outside the beautiful LUX 11, Berlin

RoomCritic Tip | How Google Street View maps can help your search for the perfect hotel.

At RoomCritic we’ll try everything and anything to help make our hotel searches a little easier. Here are our tips for how Google Street View can help you find your perfect hotel.

Is the hotel photogenic?

Yes, this is top of our list. As you may have seen, we love to photograph the hotels we stay in, and we’re not alone. If you too like to ensure you have the best looking travel shots and memories to keep for years to come, use Google Street View check out the outside of your hotel to see how it’s going to come up in your photos.

What is the local area like?

This is the most asked question of all. Use the little Google Street View guy to navigate your way along a few nearby streets, he’ll show you around and give you a pretty good idea about the local area.  If it looks dodgy, it probably is dodgy. If it looks quiet, it probably is quiet. If there are hoards of people walking around with shopping bags and plenty of shops and boutiques on the street, you’ve hit the jackpot.

A short walk from Hotel Union Square, San Francisco

What is the local shopping like?

Again, this is a job for the little Google Street View guy. Boarded up store fronts, liquor stores and strip joints nearby are bad. Fancy boutiques, cafe’s and restaurants are good.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Plan your walks and tours.

If you’re like me and like walking, not taking taxis or public transport to get around your chosen city. Use a mix of Google Maps and Street View to maximise what you see. Take a note of interesting looking streets and architecture you want to check out before you set out.

The local marina near The Hilton Auckland

What is the pool really like?

Another extremely important question to ask. Sure the hotel website has some amazing photos of the pool. But don’t always believe what you see in the glossy shots. Use Google Maps in Satellite mode for a birds eye view of what it’s really like.

The pools at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Palm Springs

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