Hotel Review | The Hilton Hotel Auckland, New Zealand

RoomCritic Review | The Hilton Hotel Auckland, New Zealand

RoomCritic Review | The Hilton Auckland

Hotel Type: 5 Star Luxury

1. The hotel is located…  Out of town  |  In the City  |  Near everything
2. During the day, the local area is…  Dodgy  |  Quiet  |  Buzzing  |  Hip
3. At night, the local area is…  Scary  |  Noisy  |  Dead  |  Buzzy
4. The hotel decor is…  Dated  |  Boring  |  Modern  |  Swanky
5. The vibe of the hotel is…  Family  |  Romantic  |  Business  |  Holiday
6. The hotel breakfast was…  Not tried  |  Pricey  |  Meh  |  Amazing
7. The restaurant/room service food was…  Not tried  |  Basic  | Pretty Good |  Epic
8. The hotel bar was…  Not tried  |  Quiet  |  Buzzing  |  Hip
9. The hotel pool was…  Not tried  |  Quiet  |  Busy  |  Hip
10. The staff at the hotel were…  Apathetic  |  Friendly enough  |  Wonderful

Right from the moment we arrived, we were greeted by the wonderful, Hilton Hotel Auckland door staff and reception. Being Hilton Honors members, we were told of our automatic upgrade to a King Bow Suite (of course J and I we were quietly hi-fiving each other at this point) and within no time we were given the keys and zooming up in the lift. When we arrived on our floor the sleek simple hallway, gave away little of the secrets behind door 304.

Of course we were blown away by our room, it was stunning. Read the RoomCritic review of Room 304 for all the details.

We arrived into Auckland on Friday night and straight away you could see the local harbour area is the place to be. This is a busy part of town with numerous restaurants and bars within a short stroll. Although the Quay Street area was heaving, the Hilton Auckland is located at the end of the the first pier on Quay St, built right over Auckland Harbour.

During the day, the area is still one of the busier parts of town. Apart from the restaurants around the Viaduct Harbour there is also the New Zealand National Maritime Museum opposite the pier. The centre of Auckland and other attractions are a short 5 minute walk away. Take a look at our Auckland Check-ins List on Foursquare for a few more suggestions of things to do in Auckland.

The Hilton Auckland Hotel mixes it’s use modern interior design with it’s surrounds perfectly, without feeling at all pretentious. The hotel has a romantic vibe, yet without alienating business travellers or families alike. We ate breakfast in the Fish restaurant, with was simply awesome. The huge array of fresh and cooked food was amazing. You have to try the unique local New Zealand Feijoa Juice, and have your eggs cooked to perfection by the chef out in the restaurant in front of you.

The bar on the ground floor made a nice quiet place for a night cap after dinner. It’s a great place to sneak away to, out of the bustle of Quay St.

Although we didn’t brave the lap pool on the cool breezy day we were in Auckland, I’m sure there are days warm enough to make it worth while. There is also a well equipped gym on the same level.

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