Dream a little Dream in New York City – The Dream Downtown

Dream Downtown is a boutique hotel in the neighbourhood of Chelsea, New York featuring 316 guest rooms, two restaurants, rooftop and VIP lounges, outdoor pool and bar, a gym, event space, and ground floor retail.

The 12-story building sits between 16th and 17th Streets and is fronted on both. The site of the Dream Downtown hotel was designed in 1966 as an annex to the headquarters for the National Maritime Union of America by New Orleans-based architect Albert Ledner. A few years later, Mr. Ledner designed a flanking wing for the annex, which is now the Maritime Hotel. In 2006, Handel Architects was engaged to convert the main annex into the Dream Downtown Hotel.

The new architectural design preserves much of Ledner’s original ideas for the Maritime Union, like the mosaic stainless steel cladding and circular porthole windows. When daylight hits the reflective facade at just the right angle, the windows appear to float like bubbles in the sky.

Four floors were removed from the center of the building to create the open pool terrace and beach. The glass porthole windows in the pool, gives guests in the lobby glimpses of the outside through the water.

The 200 hand blown, floating glass globes create a magical look through the lobby and restaurant. The custom designed fixtures and furnishings throughout the public spaces and rooms perfectly compliment the unique exterior design.

Handel Architects served as both architect and interior designer for the project.

Extracts taken from handelarchitects.com

Photography is by Bruce Damonte and Philip Ennis.

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One comment

  1. Anita Mac · May 3, 2012

    Very cool look. Imagine it is an amazing place to stay.

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