12 vintage hotels and the postcard pictures that made them awesome

12 vintage hotels and the postcard pictures that made them awesome

Ok, so none of these hotels ever offered free wi-fi or iPod docks, but at RoomCritic we don’t care, the vintage photos are awesome and we would have stayed there anyway. The original hotel information text from the back of the postcard is total gold.

1. Admiral Benbow Inn, Memphis

“134 Deluxe rooms all with individually controlled air conditioning and heating thermostats, swimming pool, TV, direct dialling phones in each room, radio and background music, cocktail lounge, 2 dining rooms and conference rooms”. And an exterior design to die for.

2. Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia

“One of the newly redecorated bedrooms, complete with television for your pleasure”. I know a few hotel rooms that haven’t been redecorated since this  room at the Bellevue-Stratford was done.

3. Hotel Baxter, Bozeman Montana

“Montana’s pacemaker. 100 outside rooms, 10 apartments, coffee shop, private dining rooms, ballroom, The Robin Lounge, studios of Radio Station KRBM” and an awesome logo design team.

4. Caesars Casino Resort Hotel, Lake Tahoe

“We proudly present Joan Rivers, November 28 – 30, Andy Gibb, December 7, Nutcracker, December 13 – 15, Kool & the Gang, December 26 – 31″ What more reason do you need to stay?

5. Econo-Travel Motor Hotel, Grove City Ohio

“First class rooms at economy prices. Air conditioned. Electric heat. Free television. Deluxe mattresses. Full bath. Telephone. Large rooms. Free directory available”. Drive up and drive away from that massive tartan wall mural.

6. Flamingo Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

One of the world’s largest and most beautiful, this is a typical Las Vegas, Nevada, scene where gambling is not only legal but ranks as one of the state’s important industries”. All hail Don Draper.

7. Hotel Miami, Miami

“Air conditioned Guest Rooms & Coffee Shop. Wonderful food. Free Parking”. Is it the Hotel Miami in Miami or the Miami Hotel in Oklahoma? And what does ‘Fireproof’ and ‘Air cooled’ mean?

8. Downtowner Hotel, Boise Idaho

“Honeymoon in luxurious privacy in this distinctively decorated suite, with its charming circular bed, private dining table, background music and many other unique features”.

9. Hotel Elwell, Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ newest commercial hotel in the heart of the Downtown area. Coffee Shop and Bar in connection. Sun Deck. Free parking adjacent to hotel”. Hotel sign pornarama…

10. Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

Nevada’s tallest and finest hotel which has 160 beautiful outside rooms, the finest restaurant open round the clock, featuring American and Chinese food; the famous Carnival Room presenting the best in entertainment, and Nevada’s largest casino. Inside parking”. Outside rooms and inside parking. We’re confused.

11. President Hotel, Miami Beach

“New – Modernistic – All Outside Rooms with Private Bath and Shower – Telephone in every room – Elevator Service – Spacious Lobby – Patio – Solarium – Beautiful Dining Room – Close to Golf, Tennis and Theatres”. I think that covers everything.

12. Heathman Hotel, Portland

“The Aloha Room Restaurant is the perfect symbol of the Hawaiian Islands, for it’s many meanings encompass almost every emotion the visitor might feel. Friendship, affection, love, welcome and farewell with the promise of an early return comprise the the meaning of Aloha. Such is the feeling the Aloha Room in the Heathman Hotel at Portland, Oregon wishes to convey to its own guests”. Wow there are no more words left to say about this concept.

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