Hotel Review | The Upper House Hong Kong

RoomCritic Review | The Upper House Hong Kong Luxury Hotel

Check out our full RoomCritic hotel review below of The Upper House Hong Kong – 5 Star Luxury Hotel.

Hotel Type: 5 Star Luxury

1. The hotel is located…  Out of town  |  In the City  |  Near everything
2. During the day, the local area is…  Dodgy  |  Quiet  |  Buzzing  |  Hip
3. At night, the local area is…  Scary  |  Noisy  |  Dead  |  Buzzy
4. The hotel decor is…  Dated  |  Boring  |  Modern  |  Swanky
5. The vibe is…  Quiet  |  Business  |  Classic  |  Fun  |  Chic  |  Hip
6. The hotel breakfast was…  Not tried  |  Pricey  |  Meh  |  Amazing
7. The restaurant/room service food was…  Not tried  |  Basic  | Pretty Good |  Epic
8. The hotel bar was…   Not tried  |  Quiet  |  Buzzing  |  Hip
9. The hotel pool/spa was…  Not available  |  Quiet  |  Busy  |  Hip
10. The staff at the hotel were…  Apathetic  |  Friendly enough  |  Wonderful

For our first two nights in Hong Kong we decided to book into The Upper House. Located on the island side of Hong Kong harbour, in the shadow of The Peak, the hotel is situated above the buzzing Pacific Place shopping mall.

The Upper House has a reputation as one of the best hotels in the world and within minutes of arrival it’s easy to see why. The guest service and experience is exceptional. The check-in process is all done in-room by wonderful staff wielding iPads, giving you the chance to begin winding down from the moment you step out of the cab. There is no such thing as a queue at reception.

What the hotel lacks in gym and pool, it more than makes up with quiet public spaces, the beautiful restaurant Cafe Gray Deluxe, and stunning Hong Kong harbour views from every window. At Cafe Grey Deluxe you’ll experience a beautiful fusion of east and west. My traditional chinese dumpling breakfast was a standout.

During the day the quiet corners of the Cafe Gray Deluxe bar are the perfect place to enjoy a drink and the company of friends. In the evening the atmosphere is sophisticated and hip.

The interior design of the hotel is definitely what we call swanky and the vibe is romantic. Whether your stay is the perfect luxury honeymoon escape or simply headquarters for your next Hong Kong shopping spree, let the staff at The Upper House take care of you. Their attention to the details of your stay is second to none.

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