Top tips on how to capture the best Instagram hotel room photos

Top tips on how to capture the best Instagram hotel room photos.

Amaro filter to add warmth. Tagged #upperhouse #hongkong #roomcritic #luxury #rickowens #dress #shoes #hotel #suite

If like us at RoomCritic, you like to take photos of hotel rooms we’ve put together some tips to help make shooting the best Instagram picture of your hotel room easier. The good and the sometimes bad interior design of many hotels makes them easy targets for shooting great photos. Instagram is simply a great way to show your friends and the rest of the world your life in still images. Other people love to see into our lives, there’s a kind of voyeuristic side to everyone and your Instagram feed is like your own personal reality TV show. Best of all, there are no rules, it’s all about having fun. Check out our top 7 tips to getting the best hotel room photo.

7 top tips to get the best hotel room photo

1. Don’t spend too long pondering over what to take. Shoot from the hip and capture what you see.

2. The best camera is the one in your hand.

3. Don’t sweat the technique.

4. Take photos of the things in the hotel room that you find interesting.

5. Instagram filters should enhance your photo not overpower it.

6. Add specific tags to tell people exactly which hotel your photo was taken.

7. Add #roomcritic to all your hotel, resort and room photos and join the RoomCritic community.

The styles

There are two styles of hotel room photography (put simply). There is the clean and tidy, ‘we just checked-in and haven’t slept yet’ purist photograph. And there’s the freestyle, fun ‘look at the awesome room we stayed in last night’ messy bed style photograph. Both types make great shots and both give your Instagram feed a different vibe. If you’re happy to show your messy side, these shots are loads more fun to look at, they give a real feeling of what you’re personality is like. No one is ever perfectly tidy. The purist hotel room photo is great for documenting travels and showing off an awesome, luxurious hotel room. Of course the purist style is much harder to achieve, you need to capture your room before you start to relax in it.

Remember: You don’t have to be a pro, no one cares if you spent hours framing your shot or setting the room perfectly. Shoot from the hip and capture what you see.

Amaro filter to add warmth. Tagged #hiltonauckland #auckland #hotel #roomcritic

Amaro filter to add warmth. Tagged #hiltonauckland #roomcritic #hilton #luxury #hotel


Basically all you need is mobile device (iPhone, Android phone, iPad, iPod etc) with Instagram. There are many Instagrammers who only shoot with their phone. For RoomCritic shots I use both my iPhone 3GS and my Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera with a range of lens sizes. Both are great, and give me very different results. If you want to shoot and upload quickly, use your phone. If a fast upload is not essential then you can use whatever camera you want. Of course you will need to be able to transfer the shots from your camera to your Instagram enabled device to share them.

Remember: The best camera is the one in your hand.

Walden filter for tone and colour. Tagged #swirehotels #hongkong #hotel #luxury #upperhouse #roomcritic #hkg #view


Don’t sweat it. As I mentioned above, just shoot what you see. You’ll get the chance to frame or crop your shot in Instagram before you share it. If you are using your phone, I suggest you take the shot using the phones native camera App, not in Instagram. Using your phone as the camera gives you the ability to capture things quickly, you can shoot a few extra pics of the action too. Once you’ve captured the moment then open up Instagram and load the shot from your camera library. You can still crop and add filters from there.

Remember: Don’t worry about how to get the absolute best picture, just take the shot.

Amaro filter to add warmth. Tagged #upperhouse #roomcritic #bathroom #amenities #luxury #suite #hongkong


There is an infinite number of things to shoot in a hotel room and the voyeuristic nature of us all means we love to see into another persons world. That doesn’t mean we want you getting to personal and definitely don’t shoot pictures that you hope others will like. The best hotel room photos capture the vibe of the hotel and the room. Take a look around you and ask yourself what are the most interesting parts. Interesting can mean good or bad. What is the view like? Are their any cool interior design features? Are their flowers or books in the room? Chairs and lamps are always a favourite shot of mine.

Remember: Don’t shoot pictures for your friends or followers enjoyment. Shoot the things that you find interesting.

Amaro filter to add warmth. Tagged #roycehotel #light #hotelroom #hotel #roomcritic #boutique #executivesuite #luxury

Amaro filter to add warmth. Tagged #hongkong #hotel #interiordesign #luxury #upperhouse #roomcritic #orchid


To filter or not to filter? This is entirely up to you. The nature of many phone cameras mean the shots you take can lack in contrast and colour. Many of the filters in Instagram give these flat shots more depth and warmth. The biggest problem with any digital photo is over filtering. Don’t use filters just for the sake of it. Over filtered photos lose the point of the picture altogether and become samey. There are millions of photos on Intagram that all look the same and have no individual character.

Remember: Your photo should always be about the subject not the filter you used.

Hudson filter added a little contrast. Tagged #hotel #hiltonauckland #auckland #roomcritic


Tags are a great way to search through the millions of photos uploaded to Instagram each day. Instagram was made for people to share their photos and assuming that is why you use it, the best way to share is using tags. Tag your photos by adding a # to the key words you use to describe your image in the comment box. For hotel room photos this is a very important step. Use the existing tag or create a unique tag for the hotel your are staying at. For example #whotels is a generic tag for all the W Hotels but #wsanfrancisco is the unique tag for The W Hotel in San Francisco. This helps other people to see where the hotel is that your picture is of.

Remember: You can add as many tags as you like to your photos. There are as many Instagram tags as there are Instagram photos (almost).

Add the #roomcritic tags to all your hotel and hotel room shots to join the RoomCritic community share your photos along with the thousands of shots from our other IG friends.

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