The hotel gift shop is re-designed with the opening of Prostor store at Hotel Lone Croatia.

The hotel gift shop is re-designed with the opening of Prostor store at Hotel Lone Croatia.

Finding the right souvenir from a trip isn’t always easy. But for guests of Hotel Lone in Rovinj, it’s now a piece of cake. Its new concept store Prostor retails carefully selected products by upcoming Croatian artists and designers. From fashion to furniture, paintings to products, retail therapy has never looked and felt more stimulating.

Located in the airy open-plan lobby, Prostor reinforces Hotel Lone’s mission to innovate and encourage contemporary Croatian design. Its collection integrates and blurs the boundaries between art, aesthetics and functionality, and is a platform for artists and designers to gain exposure. On offer are designer clothes, accessories, jewelery, contemporary art pieces, industrial and product design items. Highlights include design toys from Antiforms by Ivan Levak, O! candles, and Madame Demode clothes and accessories. All products are made locally and Prostor insists on innovation and quality for every item.

Signature Croatian design is an integral part to Hotel Lone, Design Hotels™’ first member in Croatia. Located in the picturesque Mediterranean town of Rovinj, Hotel Lone was built to resemble a sleek white ocean liner floating on the hillside along the coast. The 248-room property has a “Y”-shaped structure, giving all rooms spectacular sea or park views. As the first lifestyle and business hotel in Croatia, Hotel Lone features a collection of bespoke furnishings such as chairs and lamps from renowned designers like Patricia Urquiola, Richard Schultz and David Rowland. It also offers a wide range of fine dining options, a Mediterranean-inspired wellness center, and a range of event spaces including four large auditoriums.

Prices of items range from EUR 10 – 700.

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  1. Twanna Reemer · July 16, 2012

    I always buy on online Gift Shops because it is more convenient. Offline gift shops are nice too because you can feel the texture of stuff toy gifts. Ciao

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