How to make your Facebook Page more engaging and get more Likes on your page posts.

How to make your Facebook Page more engaging and get more Likes on your posts.

If you are like us at RoomCritic and have a Facebook page for your business or hobby, you probably keep a close eye on your Reach and Talking about this Page stats. If that is you, here is our top 5 tips on making your Facebook fan page more engaging and getting more of those all important Likes and comments on your posts.

1. Start a conversation in each Facebook post

Think about each of your Facebook page followers as your friends and each page post as the beginning of a conversation with one of them. As with any conversation, let your friend get a word in too. Encourage comments.

2. Say something interesting

No-one likes a boring conversation, presumably your fans and followers liked your Facebook page because they read or saw something of interest to them. So keep your posts interesting. Don’t talk about yourself and what you’re doing too much. If you want your fans to hit the share button, post something your fans would want to say themselves to their Facebook friends.

3. Make your posts visual

The saying ‘A picture says a thousand words’ is popular for a reason. Because it’s true. Remember, your followers are looking at THEIR Facebook wall and laughing at and ‘liking’ awesome photos of their friends doing awesome things. You have to be an equally awesome friend to stand out. Keep text to a minimum and add a photo to every post that helps to make your point. If nothing else, it will make the post stand out in their feed.

4. Choose photo’s that make you go WOW

When you post a photo to your Facebook Page you want your followers to go wow for the right reasons. Wow that’s awesome, not wow that’s crap. Take a look through your stats, which photos got the most likes? We guarantee it wasn’t the dark out of focus photos of your staff day-out. Choose photos that are simple in composition, and have heaps of colour. When you look at your own Facebook wall what photos catch your eye?

5. Keep the conversation going

Once you’ve started the conversation with your followers, stay involved. Keep the conversation going by replying to them and liking their comments. Think of your Facebook Page like a big party and you’re the host. Mingle with the crowd and keep as many conversations going as you can.

The photos we used in this post are our most ‘liked’ and engaged with pictures of all time.

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  1. Tim · November 29, 2012

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    It lets you aggregate any social feed (even social feeds you don’t own) and lets you embed it into your Facebook page, giving your fans dynamic content to engage with.

    Check out how this Facebook Page did it with inspirational quotes by aggregating from ‘StartupQuotes’:

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