Ibis Hotels show us what sleep looks like as art.

Ibis Hotels show us what sleep looks like as art.


Ensuring you get a good nights sleep is extremely important to the hotel business, and over the years most of the hotel chains have produced advertising material on the subject. But Ibis hotels have taken this a step further, they believe it’s an art.

Make your sleep a daily work of art.

The Sleep Art App by ibis hotels attempts to show us what our sleep looks like. Download the app, tap a few settings an place your iPhone beside you while you sleep. Throughout the night, your movements and breathing are monitored and translated into brush strokes, revealing the art of your sleep.


What is Sleep Art ?

A few months ago, ibis hotels invited guests to transform their sleep into a true work of art. A selection of hotels in Paris, Berlin, London and Warsaw hosted a unique live art experience. Sleepers’ movements, sound and temperature were monitored throughout the night and translated into data to be painted on canvas in real time by a robot located in Paris. A challenge which fused technology and art.

“We wanted everyone, everywhere to be able to experience Sleep Art. So we developed the Sleep Art App! Now you too can take part in this live art experience – transform your own sleep into a work of art, back home”

This is certainly an interesting concept for the brand and places the brand on customers mobile phones. I will be downloading it and giving it a try, i’ll share my sleep art to our RoomCritic Facebook page. Download the app yourself and share your art with us too.

I kinda feel like this will be the only time you or I use this app and it will probably end up in the ‘never used again’ app folder or simply deleted.

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