RoomCritic traveller profile | Fashion designer Lui Hon

RoomCritic traveller profile | Fashion designer Lui Hon


photo by Lui Hon

When we at RoomCritic decided to choose The Opposite House Beijing as our feature hotel this week, we had no idea the amazing reception we’d receive from our friends on Instagram. Turns out we have quite a few followers who love the hotel’s aesthetic.

One of our friend’s who was happy to share their experience at The Opposite House Beijing, is Melbourne based, Australian fashion designer Lui Hon.


photo by Lui Hon


photo by Lui Hon

All this week we’ve been posting Lui’s stunning photos of the hotel to The Opposite House Beijing page on as well as the #roomcritic hashtag gallery. We caught up with Lui and his label partner Luka to tell us about their stay and review the hotel.


photo by Lui Hon

Last year, Lui Hon were invited by the “Super Trade Mission” and L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival to present their collection to the Chinese fashion fraternity in Beijing. They chose to stay at The Opposite House Beijing while in Beijing, as it fit their aesthetic, and felt that that the style and design aligned with theirs – minimalist, functional and timeless.

Founded in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, with business partner Luka Maich, Lui Hon manufactures all garments locally in Melbourne.

“Lui Hon is a story about harmony and philosophy. At first glance, a Lui Hon creation can appear simple, but closer inspection reveals something quite different. Through quality of fabric, versatility of use and subtle embellishment, Lui Hon makes womenswear of effortless elegance and lasting luxury. His designs are structurally strong, technically faultless and texturally intriguing. Crafted from wools, silks and leathers, individual pieces stand strong, while forming collections that remain coherent and intermingle friendly.

Not only interested in how a garment looks, namesake designer Lui Hon is mindful of how a garment is actually worn. As a result, garments often conceal surprising discoveries. Dubbed “functional ingenuity”, construction details are complex and pieces are often designed for multiple layering and folding – creating a freedom for the wearer to make it their own.”


photo by Lui Hon

Lui and Luka’s RoomCritic Review of The Opposite House Beijing

RoomCritic Hotel Review | The Opposite House Beijing

Hotel Type: 5 Star Luxury

Would you recommend this hotel to your friends? YES

1. The hotel is located…  Isolated  |  Out of town  |  Central  |  Near everything
2. During the day, the local area is…  Dodgy  |  Quiet  |  Bustling  |  Hip
3. At night, the local area is…  Unsafe Scary  |  Dead Quiet  |  Noisy  |  Buzzing
4. The hotel decor is…  Old Dated  |  Plain Boring  |  Elegant Luxury  |  Modern Swanky
5. The vibe is…  Quiet  |  Corporate  |  Fun Friendly  |  Chic Stylish  |  Hip Fashionable
6. Breakfast was…  Not available  |  Skipped breakfast  |  Buffet generic  |  Buffet fabulous  |  A la carte incredible
7. Restaurant/room service was…  Didn’t eat in  |  Seen it before  | An inspired menu |  Memorable
8. The bar was…   Not available  |  Didn’t try it  |  Dull and boring  |  Chilled  |  Hotspot
9. The hotel pool was…  Not available  |  Didn’t try it  |  Nothing special  |  Serene  |  Party Central  |  Must visit
10. The customer service was…  Apathetic and unhelpful  |  Ordinary  |  Attentive and professional  |  They knew what I wanted, before I knew I wanted it

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