Hyatt launch guest experience program for women travellers

For those that don’t travel regularly, business travel seems exciting and glamorous. For those of us that do, the reality of early flights, waiting around airports, missing connections, and staying in hotels you didn’t choose gets tedious very quickly.

In my previous corporate life, frequent and unrelenting business travel was part of my weekly schedule. I often felt that the travel industry is very much focused on the business traveller, but specifically at male business travellers. From the entertainment options on the plane, advertising in the airport to the room service menus and mini bar in the rooms, the options were not aimed at me.

Apparently, I’m not the only female business traveller that feels this way.

Fortunately Hyatt Hotels spent 18 months looking into the needs and wants of women travellers around the world.

After nearly 9,000 tweets from participants around the world, our World’s Largest Focus Group (#HyattWLFG) uncovered unique insights on how travellers travel today, as seen in the infographic below. Business and leisure travellers shared, among many other highlights, tips on how to navigate a new place; what their travel stressors are and how to combat them; and how they foresee innovation playing a role in making the hotel check-in experience more seamless.


“Because women are such a critical segment of travellers, Hyatt focused its efforts on creating solutions to the issues that many women face on the road. While each feature was driven by insights from female travellers, Hyatt believes all guests can benefit from these new enhancements.”

I was invited to the launch of the new program at Park Hyatt Sydney to learn about the program implemented worldwide in Hyatt properties and experience the exciting new features. Room 215 was set up to showcase the new amenities:

  • Hyatt Has It:  A service for all guests that will offer essentials such as a phone charger, hair straighteners, steamer, yoga mat, makeup remover wipes, and razor to keep, borrow or buy. The items that women actually use and need while travelling. To make your request even easier, they have a new in room request card, or you can call through to speak with someone.



  • Healthy Balance Menu: It is hard enough to maintain healthy habits and routines while travelling for work, to then be faced nothing but unhealthy options on the room service menu after a long day. The new menu offerings that include fresh juices and smoothies, balanced portions and “create your own” options.

hyatt menu

  • Deluxe high quality bath products: It is always a big disappointment to find low quality no-name toiletries in a hotel bathroom. Hyatt hotels will now offer all guests upgraded, high-quality bath amenities from KenetMD Skin Care, Le Labo, June Jacobs, and Aromapothecary in the hotels. Park Hyatt Sydney stocks the gorgeous NYC brand Le Labo in Bergamote 22 scent. The top suites feature Aesop, an high end Australian brand, especially for international visitors.


hyatt bellamumma

  • Super clean rooms: Assurances that guest rooms are deep-cleaned and an ongoing dialogue with the hotel to provide feedback. Guests will now find communications cards that allow housekeepers to provide personal confirmation of a thoroughly cleaned room and open the door to two-way communication, encouraging guests to share additional needs during their stay.

Hyatt have used the tag #InAHyattWorld across their social medial channels where you can give them feedback on what they are doing right, and what they could do better. Check out Hyatt’s Tumblr to see more.

To see more of the gorgeous Park Hyatt Sydney, take a look at the gallery of photos taken by guests who have already stayed here.


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