The best hotel Christmas decorations on Instagram for 2013


Some hotels have really taken it to the next level this year with their spectacular Christmas holiday decorations. We have really enjoyed the stream of embellished trees, sparkly fairy lights and masses of tinsel as we have looked through our RoomCritic Instagram feed from hotels and their guests. We thought we would share the best we have seen.

InterContentinental Paris Le Grand has a 14 foot tall tree made from 8000 Ladurée macarons!

This is only one of the 28 macaron trees around the hotel, designed to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of both Ladurée and the InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

Not to be outdone with displays, The Ritz-Carlton Boston Common, has a 14 foot tall toy soldier based on the Nutcracker that is made of 3000 gingerbread macarons.


The Hotel de Russie in Rome has a chic 16 foot Fendi designed Christmas tree


Le Royal Monceau in Paris has a sculptural ‘tree’ of 4000 LED lights and 600 Limoges porcelain ornaments individually hung from the ceiling on 221 wires, created by artist Sylvie Maréchel.

Le Royal Monceau

The New York Palace Hotel captures the spirit of the magical holiday season with a massive tree set against the New York City skyline in the courtyard by St. Patricks’s Cathedral.

New York Palace

The Modern Honolulu in Waikiki, Hawaii has a tree and decorations as stylish and minimal as this cool new hotel.

Modern Honolulu

To see more of the Modern Honolulu, take a look at the gallery of photos taken by guests who have already stayed here.


The Fairmont San Francisco not has a stunning enormous Christmas tree in their foyer, but a two story life size house made from 7500 gingerbread bricks. It is complete with a ginger bread dog kennel and a real dog.

Fairmont San Francisco

The Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris has also gone with a minimal approach thanks to Jeff Leatham, their Artistic Director, also responsible for their spectacular floral displays. He designed a stunning outdoor light tree sculpture and gold mirror faceted reindeer and tree in the lobby.

Four Seasons Hotel George V

George V

Lastly, Hyatt Regency San Francisco turned their entire lobby into an over size snowglobe, complete with daily light ‘snowfall’ times.

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season from the RoomCritics!

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