Art Series Hotel Collection experiences

It is no secret to anyone who follows us on Instagram that we are big fans of the Art Series Hotel group at RoomCritic. Having stayed at The Olsen, The Cullen and The Blackman in Melbourne many times since they opened, we are excited to try the new Schaller Studio as soon as we can think of a reason to get to Bendigo. Is seeing a new hotel a good enough reason to go?

The Watson is about to open in our hometown of Adelaide in August (hi Mum!) and The Larwill Studio in Parkville later in the year.

To celebrate the three new hotels, The Art Series Hotel group are asking you to build your own collection of Art Series experiences, just like we have been.

All you need to do is stay at all six of the hotels from now until October 31st for a chance to win an around the world trip to see some of the best art collections in New York, London and Paris. Amazing, right? They will even give you a voucher after your initial stay that will give you 50% off your next sleepover to help you do it. Tag the pictures of your stays with #thecollectors (and of course #roomcritic) and they will pick the winning Collector with the best hotel experiences. Easy!

For more real guest photos of the world’s best hotels and resorts, visit the RoomCritic website. For the best travel stories, tips and info on the places to stay around the world, follow our blog or ‘like’ our RoomCritic Facebook page. You’ll also find us on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest plus we have hotel lists from cities all over the world on Foursquare.

Share your hotel and resort stories or reviews with us: info (at) roomcritic (dot) com. If we post it on the blog, we’ll make sure you get the glory.


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