The Standard Hotels help you prepare for your next stay

This fall, boutique design hotels The Standard Hotels in New York, Los Angeles and Miami promise to equip you with the items you need to make your next stay perfect.

Their latest email burst features a cute animated gif survey featuring check boxes next to the amenities and services you want for your stay. Take the survey before you book direct and The Standard Hotels will be sure to make your next stay everything you want it to be.



Make sure you check out The Standard Hotels reviews as well as the guest photo and video galleries on RoomCritic to see exactly what your room will be like before you check in. We feature 5 rooms from The Standard Downtown and 1 room  The Standard Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

The Standard Downtown


Check out Double Room 915

Check out Medium Room 605

Check out Huge Room 702

Check out Gigantic Room 814

Check out WOW Room 910

The Standard Hollywood


Check out XL Pool View Room 222

For more real guest photos of the world’s best hotels and resorts, visit the RoomCritic website. For the best travel stories, tips and info on the places to stay around the world, follow our blog or ‘like’ our RoomCritic Facebook page. You’ll also find us on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest plus we have hotel lists from cities all over the world on Foursquare.

Share your hotel and resort stories or reviews with us: info (at) roomcritic (dot) com. If we post it on the blog, we’ll make sure you get the glory.


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