Take a Journey of Segway at Alila Villas Soori

Staying in any of the Alila Hotels in an experience of it’s own. However if you want to make your stay even more memorable, you must try one of the Journeys by Alila.

As soon as I spotted the Segways on arrival at Alila Villas Soori Bali I knew I had to hire one.

The Journey of Segway experience includes the Segway hire for.5, 1 and 2 hours and a guided tour of the local Balinese village of Tabanan. Alila Villas Soori have a number of Segways available for groups or individual tours. I decided to book for a half hour ride for later that afternoon.

The Journey of Segway includes one of the experienced staff as your guide. He gave me a few pointers on how to move forwards, stop and turn. After a few laps around the driveway, and a couple of shaky moments we were ready to set off. Even though riding a Segway is completely different to anything I had ridden before, it didn’t take long to get used to the unique controls and riding style. I even managed to quickly get over the fact I looked like a total geek, in helmet, knee and elbow pads.



Our journey took us down one of the small winding roads to the waterfront beside the hotel. The locals seemed well accustomed to geeky looking tourists whizzing past on two wheels, even the local dogs and chickens couldn’t care less. After passing another guest going the opposite way, we took a turn back up the hill towards the village.


We zig zagged our way through the local streets. My Journey of Segway guide greeting everyone along the way. The local village of Tabanan is known for it’s terracotta. There was row after row of small businesses making terracotta tiles and other products.

After looping around the village we headed back towards the hotel. The road ahead opened up and we were now riding between the world heritage protected rice fields and corn fields with farmers tending to their crops. Even though Bali was suffering from drought the countryside was beautiful and green.



All too quickly we were entering the hotel grounds again and back down the driveway to the Alila Villas Soori lobby.

My 30 minute Journey of Segway cost 350,000 Rp or around $35AUD. The 2 hour Journey of Segway costs 700,000 Rp.

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