RoomCritic page views, visits and social usage – November 2015

November was a busy month here at RoomCritic. Here is our November 2015 visits and usage stats across our social network, blog and website.

November 2015 was a saw us franticly updating the website, writing posts and uploading content from our recent stay in Bali in October 2015.

We’ve added a new RoomCritic page for each of the 3 hotels we stayed at Alila Seminyak Bali, Alila Villas Soori Bali and The Seminyak Suite Bali. Each hotel has been reviewed and there’s a heap of new guest photos in the galleries too.

We added a total of 10 new RoomCritic room pages with reviews for each of room. We now feature 4 rooms at Alila Seminyak Bali, 5 villas at  Alila Villas Soori Bali and 1 villa at The Seminyak Suite Bali.

Below is a snapshot of our complete November 2015 stats.

roomcritic nov 2015 visits and usage social website and blog

Our social media network is growing strong, The #roomcritic hashtag on Instagram reached 17,000 tagged photos – A huge thanks to all of our 3,985 followers for helping us reach it, we never thought it would grow to this.

The next stage of the RoomCritic website update is due to be completed in December 2015. This now includes a fully responsive mobile website design. With completely updated hotel, resort and room pages. There is still a heap more work to do, so expect more website updates through 2016.

Tag your Instagram hotel photos with #roomcritic to add them to the RoomCritic hotel photo gallery.

For more Instagram photos of your favourite hotels, visit our RoomCritic website. For the best travel stories, tips and info on the places to stay around the world, follow the blog by email or ‘like’ our RoomCritic Facebook page. Find us on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest plus we have hotel lists on Foursquare. Share your hotel stories or reviews with us: info (at) roomcritic (dot) com. If we post it on the blog, we’ll make sure you get the glory.


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