New RoomCritic website design and hotel search for 2016

We’re celebrating the new year with an all new responsive website design and new hotel search functionality.

New RoomCritic website design

We spent the last few months of 2015 completely re-designing the RoomCritic hotel and resort photo gallery pages. From large devices to small – every one of our 96 hotel and resort pages and the 136 hotel and resort room pages on the new RoomCritic website can now be easily viewed on your desktop and laptop computers to any size tablet or smartphone.


On all devices you can now easily view the recent guest photos full screen as well as read the hotel reviews on any device, wherever you are.

Search the RoomCritic website for your next hotel or resort

No-one likes a surprise when they unlock their hotel room door. With our new hotel and resort search you can easily find your chosen destination and see exactly what each room is like before you book. You can also search by destination – type a city or country and you’ll be give all the featured hotels and resorts related to that destination.

Find the perfect hotel or resort for your next stay.

Step 1. Enter the name of the hotel your looking for in the search bar at the top right of any page. Select it from the autocomplete list or hit enter to see the full search results.


Step 2. On the search results page select the hotel or resort you are looking for.


Step 3. You are taken directly to the page.


Peek inside the world’s most exclusive luxury hotels and resorts. See real, room-by-room photos of the big international brands to the small, inspirational design hotels. We currently feature 136 different rooms and room types from 96 hotels and resorts around the world.

Join us on our quest to show the world’s best hotel and resort rooms through real, un-retouched photos and videos. Simply tag us #roomcritic on your Instagram photos and we’ll get in contact with you. We’re adding more rooms every week – so make sure your hotel and resort room photos are included on the website too.

For more photos of your favourite hotels, visit the new RoomCritic website. For the best travel stories, tips and info on the places to stay around the world, follow the blog by email or ‘like’ our RoomCritic Facebook page. Find us on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest. Share your hotel stories or reviews with us: info (at) roomcritic (dot) com. If we post it on the blog, we’ll make sure you get the glory.



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