A reflection of self at 11 Mirrors Hotel – Kiev, Ukraine

A reflection of self at 11 Mirrors Hotel – Kiev, Ukraine

One mirror by itself is just a shiny surface. But bring many mirrors together and the result is a multifaceted, seemingly infinite series of reflections that change every time you look. 11 Mirrors, the first member of Design Hotels™ in the Ukraine, is celebrating its grand opening this month. This elegant sanctuary is a reflection of contemporary Kiev: sophisticated and simple, with no need for heavy embellishments.


The brainchild of Wladimir Klitschko, 11 Mirrors is the result of his vision of a hotel that would reflect the many different aspects of Kiev as well as his own experience as a world traveler. Anatoliy Kirik and Marina Leo, who are responsible for the architecture and interior design of the hotel, consulted closely with Klitschko while working on 11 Mirrors. In creating the look and feel of the hotel, their team of Ukrainian and international architects and designers combined global trends with simple, timeless elegance and sophistication. The narrow 11-story building impresses from the outside with its austere granite façade, combining contemporary design and 19th century architecture. Visitors pass through glass doors to the lobby, where the natural stone walls, reception desk, floor and fireplace complement a stainless steel ceiling designed by Anatoliy Kirik, glass panels and artistic mirrored wall décor by the local Fomichev Brothers. The 49 luxurious rooms and suites offer peace and privacy, with windows overlooking Kiev’s historical center, intimate lighting, dark wood accents, spacious bathrooms and subtle bursts of color. With spa-inspired bathrooms, specially designed work spaces and fully-stocked bar areas, guests can easily relax and recharge to enjoy the nearby sights and sounds that the city has to offer.

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Instead of the heavy imperial embellishments often associated with the Ukraine of the past, contemporary simplicity and elegance prevail throughout the hotel’s interior design. Black and white backgrounds, wide panoramic windows, reflective silver mirrors and playing surfaces and ceramic decorations by majolica artist Taras Tkachenko give the hotel a sense of minimalism, while the amber-colored design bar welcomes guests to the elegant, informal mezzanine restaurant and a fireplace warms cocktail-sipping visitors in the lounge.

Discover the bustling Ukrainian capital – a fairytale city of pear domes and frescoes, a progressive center of science and education, a hub of business and economics and a highly desirable culture and leisure destination. 11 Mirrors is ideally located in the city center, in the very heart of old and dynamic Kiev, just a few meters from the National Opera House. All major historical sites as well as the best cafés, bars, restaurants, shops and art galleries are all within easy walking distance from the hotel.

Rates start at EUR 265. For more information visit www.designhotels.com/11_mirrors

Photos and story by Design Hotels.

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